What services do you offer?
As far as photography goes I offer motocross and sports photography. I offering the following services for marketing/graphic design:
- Logo design
- Business card design
- Content creation/digital ad design
- Flyers 
- Website design/maintenance
- Social media management
- Meta advertising
- Google Search + Display ads
- Video editing available upon request
Do you do portrait photography?
I have had a couple of people ask me about this, and the answer, at the moment, is no. I'm interested in sports, so I will leave portrait photography to those professionals. I can recommend a photographer if needed. I am interested in expanding into dog photography. If you want pictures of your dog running through the waves, retrieving ducks, just running around, etc then please reach out to me. 
What industries do you have experience in?
I have experience in a wide variety of industries in various different roles. The industries are as follows:
- News/entertainment
- Minor league baseball
- Amateur and college athletics
- Landscaping/land management
- Construction
- Motocross/motorsports
- Fitness/yoga
- Retail 
- Healthcare
- Digital media/marketing
- Travel
How do I pay for pictures?
I usually post my pictures on Instagram (sarahw22_productions) and Facebook (Sarah Willey Ferrell) a few days after the event/race/game. I ask that people take screenshots of the pictures they wish to purchase and DM them to me. You can contact me through the socials above or through the contact form on this website. Pictures are $3 each. I can take Venmo, Cashapp, or Paypal. 
Venmo (Sarah-Willey-22)
Cashapp ($willey22)
Paypal: sarahwilley96@gmail.com
Do you take cash? Can I prepay?
I can only take cash the day of the event/game/race. I must have cash in hand before the event/game/race starts or I can't promise any pictures. It's $50 to reserve a spot for you, your rider or your athlete. Please see the pricing page for more information.
How long does it take you to post your pictures after an event?
I aim to have my pictures up by the end of the week of the event. For example, if I shoot a race on Saturday or Sunday I aim to have the pictures up on my website by the following Friday. If you prepaid for pictures then I can usually have those to you within 2-3 days of the event. I prioritize getting pictures to prepaid clients first. 
Do you take pictures of everyone?
Yes and no. I prioritize my prepay clients first. That means if you prepay for yourself, your rider or your athlete that will be my sole focus during their motos, game, etc. The only way I can guarantee I get pictures or you, your rider, or your athlete is if you prepay. 
Do you edit your pictures? What is you editing style?
Yes, I edited all my pictures. I try to keep the pictures "natural" looking. I like the action in the pictures to speak for itself. I do not want someone's first reaction to be "wow that's edited/over edited."
Why do you watermark your pictures?
I think we have all heard the saying that it only takes one person to ruin it for everyone. I started off not putting my logo on my pictures and just asking for donations when I was gaining experience. I then decided to add my logo to my pictures as I got better, but I placed it in the bottom left/right corner as to not take away from the picture. I ran into the problem of people cropping out my logo and then posting the pictures, so I eventually had to watermark my pictures. I enjoy taking pictures, but I was putting too much time into taking pictures at the track and then editing them for people to essentially steal my pictures. Then add in the money spent on my setup, laptop and editing software, so I definitely can't afford to have people stealing my pictures. Support the photographers taking pictures. It keeps us going, and you guys continue to get great pictures. 
Do you print? Can you print?
The short answer is no. I don't have a printer. It really doesn't make a ton of financial sense for me to invest in one at the current moment either. This goes for t-shirts as well. I can use a third party website and ship shirts to you, but I don't have the ability to put any designs on shirts myself. 
Long answer is I can print from Staples or Wal-Mart and have them shipped to you, but that would just increase your costs where it wouldn't really make any sense for me to be a middle man in that process. I have used both Staples and Wal-Mart and the quality is fine. I have printed a lot of my graphics at Wal-Mart and have them framed and hung up in my office and they look great. Both stores have an option to pick up in store or to ship. 
I also do not frame anything. I order the relatively cheap black frames off amazon. They look good and don't break the bank. If you want something fancier then feel free to support your local framing store. 
Do you require a deposit? Minimum payment?
For all marketing/graphic design/branding work I require a $25 deposit to get started if we have not previously worked together. I charge $25 an hour so it's very rare any work I do is going to cost less than $25 anyway. I have had a few people request work only for me to complete it, send them a screenshot and then be ghosted. They never got their work, but I essentially wasted my time. 
How long does it take for you to complete a logo or other graphic design work?
It's really dependent on how busy I am at my full time job and how many projects I am working on here, but my standard maximum time is 2 weeks from your initial deposit. 
What happens if I don't like the logo?
If you don't like a logo I created or any other work then we can work together to get a final product that you do like and are proud of. My time is money, so I will still have to bill for the time I spent creating that logo. I ask that you provide me with as much information as possible to prevent this from happening. Please let me know any colors, design elements, possible fonts, etc that you want used in your logo. Shoot if you have a sketch or a similar design you like send it to me. Anything will help get me started in the right direction. 
Do you post your pictures and other work on your social media?
I reserve the right to post any of my work (pictures, graphics, logos, etc) on my social media accounts and my website in order to promote my work. Those things are my main form of advertising. If you wish for me not to post pictures of you or work I have done for your company then get in contact with me directly. 
Do you have a business page?
I don't have a business page right now. I manage several social media accounts for my full time job, and don't necessarily want to manage multiple accounts for my personal business/brand. Links to my Instagram and Facebook are below:

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