Let me introduce myself... I'm Sarah. W Two-Two Productions was started after I bought a camera on a whim. If you're wondering about the name it's a spin off of Chad Reed's nickname (my dirt bike number is 22). If you don't know who Chad Reed is then no worries. 
I graduated from UNC with a degree in broadcast journalism and spent about 4 years working in their athletic department as part of their creative and production team. I worked on my fair share of ESPN/ACC network broadcasts. I also spent some time at WRAL and I also have experience in the healthcare and retail industries. 
I currently mess around on social media for a living... just kidding.. sorta. I work exclusively setting up digital/social media campaigns. So for all of you that think those ads don't work or are a waste of time... shew you got a lot to learn.
Motocross photography is the main branch of my business. That is just what I'm most personally interested in. I go for quality over quantity. I do not "spray and pray." My shots are timed. I only post the shots where you look the best. I price my pictures to sell. You get great pictures and I can cover my riding costs, It's a win-win. 
I have worked with several small businesses in several different industries when it comes to marketing, branding, and logo design. My rate is $25 an hour.
I DO NOT have a business page. My personal IG is my business page. Why? Because I'm my business and my business is me. I post pictures of the beach/travel, dirt bikes, snowboarding, friends/family, my dogs, and graphic design work. Those are the things I enjoy and the things that are most important to me. So if you wish to follow my work outside of this website then feel free to give me a follow: sarahw22_productions. 
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